Benefits of Membership

We hear all the time how atrocious attrition is, especially when it comes to servicing a specialized field that affects patient care. We want to help with that! We want to give you the tools and resources to be a successful medical-specialty independent contract courier, AND enjoy your independence!

  • What is included in my membership?

    • Certification in our automated Bloodborne Pathogen/HIPAA training annually. • Membership in the Medical Courier Connection • 10% off (coupon code) to all other automated courses we offer. • Newsletters posted in the community with fresh content, • Access to a community of like-minded people with opportunities to learn from one another. • Free listing in our Medical Courier Connection Business Directory, • Free access to webinars geared toward Independent Contractors.

Pricing options


  • How long is the membership?

    Membership is for 365 days.

  • Am I locked in for a year, or can I cancel anytime?

    If you cancel membership prior to expiration, your certificate of completion will be valid for one year from the date of completion. If you pay monthly, however, download your certificate prior to cancellation as your account will be deleted along with all access to benefits. If you pay annually, you will continue to have access until the end of your membership. (there will be no refunds in either case).

  • I have a Certificate that expires in 6 months, can I get a discount?

    If you have a valid certificate, you can join at a discounted annual rate of $32.00. To receive the coupon code, please contact Ken at 719-502-7081.

  • Can you explain the difference in prices?

    New members who pay once annually will pay a rate of $59.00 for the year. That access will include certification in Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control and HIPAA certification. If a new member prefers to pay monthly, you'll need to pay the discounted rate of $27 up front to cover the cost of the Certification, then $3.99 per month thereafter until expiration.

  • Why do the classes listed under the Bundle show a price of $17.50 and $24.50? Do I have to pay for those as well?

    No, these classes are part of your membership and reflect the normal rate if you were not a member. You will not have to pay for your certification in these two classes as it is included in your membership once annually for each topic (sometimes bundled as one class).

  • Will i have access to all of your courses, and will there be any discounts?

    Yes! We offer a 10% discount off any other class you would like to take. Use coupon code IMAMEMBER (not case sensitive).